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Carol & Dave, after receiving their wedding album (SAY YES collection):
Thank you so much for taking our photos on our Wedding Day. They were absolutely wonderful. The wedding book was amazing and we will treasure it always. You've done a wonderful job. Thank you to both of you.

Laura after mum-to-be portrait session (Glam Mum collection):
I absolutely LOVED every moment of our photo session with Aga. It was a special period of my life as I was expecting my first child and decided to give these pictures to my family and fiancée as a Xmas present. Aga was very prepared, full with brilliant ideas and very focused. We managed to find the common way quite easy and she also helped me to express myself. The atmosphere of the session was not just emotional, but a great joy. I only can recommend her and I think SHE IS BRILLIANT, VERY DETERMINED AND CAN CATCH YOUR BEST MOMENTS! :) Thanks Aga, you made it special for US!

Ildiko, after bridal boudoir session (Forever Bride collection):
My photo session with Aga was a great fun. I had a really good time and although before the shoot I was a little bit nervous, in front of her camera I was absolutely relaxed. When I look at the pictures now it brings back all the laughter and the nice moments we've had. Working with her was brilliant. She is creative, enthusiastic and has such a great passion for photography. And I think it shows if you look at the pictures. I just love them.

Beata after portrait session with fashion elements (Rock'N'Style collection):
That was fab! A photo shoot with Aggi it's not about posing, but about catching the moment and making it eternal during a relaxing walk. No stress; a complete relax; nice chat and laughter. This is something like an invisible bond between the model and photographer where words aren't needed. And the final result  is really surprising! I have no idea how Aggi does it…

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