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Agnieszka Zawadzka-Leaver (Aggi Z. Leaver), Imagenation Photography founder and its principal photographer, offers her clients not only high-end timeless portraits but most imporantly an unforgettably amazing experience. Her work is dedicated to the fine art photography enthusiasts who enjoy a creative process of capturing special moments and appreciate beautiful and unique products.

Aggi’s passion for photography was so strong that she has decided to give up on her graphic design career and study the secrets of 'drawing by light'. As a result  she created the Studio of Imagination. She loves the idea of the studio being perceived as an artist's atelier where her clients can truly express themselves and take home an everlasting proof of their love, beauty and happiness. Aggi's creative challenge is to capture that moment and tease out an extraordinary beauty sleeping inside of the ordinary people. To be able to do that she always tries to get to know her prospective models as good as possible.

Within a couple of years Aggi developed her unique photographic and working style while learning from the best photographers in the industry. Professional equipment and a technical knowledge seasoned by the photographer’s sensibility, sense of humour and charisma makes the photo shoot an unforgettable experience.

Imagenation clients leave the studio under the green sky with elegant wall frames, canvas prints and beautifully designed albums. This is something that separates Aggi from other photographers, as she has combined photography and graphic design for her clients to enjoy the highest quality products unavailable anywhere else.

If you are ready to experience a session of your dreams, have lots of fun and stunning proof of that afterwards, contact Aggi for her to see if she can help to capture your special moments and true beauty.



Aggi Z. Leaver, founder and principal photographer at Imagenation Studio.com
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